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April 4, 2012

West Shore EMS acquires the LUCAS™ Chest Compression System

West Shore EMS, a service of Holy Spirit Health System, has purchased four LUCAS 2 Chest Compression System units from Physio-Control, Inc. The LUCAS 2 system is an external, mechanical device that provides chest compressions during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), even in less than ideal physical locations. The 15-pound device allows emergency medical teams to focus on other lifesaving therapies, such as medication, ventilation and defibrillation, and can improve outcomes for adult cardiac arrest patients. West Shore EMS is the area’s first provider in Cumberland and Perry counties to have the LUCAS device. They will also place one of the units in Franklin County.

“Our goal is to provide better CPR to patients in cardiac arrest and save more lives,” says Steven Poffenberger, BS, EMT-P, director of staff development/quality assurance, West Shore EMS. “We believe this technology will allow us to provide even better care for our patients. Providing manual CPR can be difficult and tiring. The LUCAS system will give the patient high-quality, continuous and consistent compressions without tiring.” In addition, Poffenberger says the device increases emergency services provider safety because they don’t need to stand up in the back of a moving ambulance performing CPR.

Brian Webster, CEO of Physio-Control, said, “We are excited that the LUCAS chest compression system will be available to residents in Cumberland, Perry and Franklin counties who experience cardiac arrest. By including LUCAS as part of its resuscitation services, West Shore EMS is demonstrating its commitment to leading-edge emergency medical services.”

More Information about the LUCAS Chest Compression System

LUCAS is designed to provide effective, consistent and uninterrupted compressions in accordance with recommendations in the 2010 American Heart Association/European Resuscitation Council Guidelines, performing 100 compressions per minute at a depth of two inches. LUCAS helps reduce hands-off intervals in treating patients, maintains high quality compressions, and allows manual defibrillation while the patient simultaneously receives mechanical external chest compressions.

The LUCAS Chest Compression System was launched in Europe 2004 and in the United States 2007, and today it is available in 38 markets around the world, including Japan and China.

About West Shore EMS

West Shore EMS, a service of Holy Spirit Health System, provides pre-hospital ambulance services, including advanced life support, basic life support, and non-emergency routine ambulance transport services to residents of South Central Pennsylvania. West Shore EMS covers 78 municipalities in a geographic area with approximately 400,000 residents. The organization employs more than 185 individuals, has 15 stations (11 ALS and 4 BLS) and a fleet of 50 vehicles, and provides first due advanced life support service for 30 ambulance companies.