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Learn about the four keys to cardiac rehabilitation.

Diagnostic Services

We perform a full range of tests and services to help diagnose and treat cardiac disorders.

Strengthen Your Heart with Cardiac Rehabilitation

Designed for patients who have experienced a recent cardiac event, Geisinger Holy Spirit's accredited Cardiac Rehab Outpatient Program focuses on strengthening the heart, improving quality of life and reducing risk of future heart problems.

What is Cardiac Rehab?

Cardiac Rehab is an exercise and education program designed to help patients recovering from heart disease, heart failure and/or surgery lead longer, healthier lives. The program is supervised by cardiac nurses and an exercise physiologist.

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Additional Cardiac Rehab Services

Convenient Locations

Geisinger Holy Spirit offers its Cardiac Rehabilitation Outpatient Program in two convenient locations:

  • In Camp Hill – on the ground floor of the Ortenzio Heart Center at Holy Spirit
  • In Carlisle – at 360 Alexander Spring Road

Q. Who should consider Cardiac Rehab?

A. Anyone who has experienced the following conditions or procedures:

  • Heart attack
  • Heart bypass surgery
  • Heart balloon procedure (angioplasty) or stent placement
  • Heart transplant
  • Heart valve surgery
  • Angina

Q. How will Cardiac Rehab benefit me?

  • You will get answers to your questions about your heart condition and treatment.
  • You will identify your risk factors and learn ways to reduce them.
  • You will receive support and encouragement as you learn to make lifestyle changes that improve your overall health.
  • You will gain self-confidence and form new friendships.
  • Exercise will lower your blood pressure, increase your endurance and improve your muscle tone.
  • You will safely resume your usual activities at home.

Q. Is Cardiac Rehab covered by insurance?

A. Most insurance programs provide coverage for cardiac rehab fees.

Financial assistance is available. Please call 717-972-4486 to discuss your insurance benefits for Cardiac Rehab before applying.

Q. What does Cardiac Rehab involve?

  • Once your physician refers you to the program, your schedule will be set up. Appointments are generally three times per week for one hour.
  • On your first visit, you will meet with a specially trained cardiac rehab nurse. Together, you and your nurse will review your medical history, discuss the program, test your physical capabilities and identify your goals.
  • Based on the assessment, your exercise plan will be created and you will begin the “training” phase of rehab with a certified exercise physiologist.
  • You will use a variety of exercise equipment that focuses on strengthening your arms and legs.
  • On each visit, you will wear a heart monitor to assess your heart rate and heart rhythm. Your blood pressure will also be closely monitored.
  • Group education sessions are available to you and your family. Emphasis is on healthy eating and behavioral health and wellness.

Q. What are our patients saying about Cardiac Rehab?

A. "I am currently enrolled in the Cardiac Therapy Maintenance Program. I started in January of 2012 and have lost 25 pounds and gained a better, toned body and ease of mind."

"Thank you for the professionalism and caring shown to me. I have watched myself get healthier, get in shape and make positive decisions regarding my future health. I will not forget the wonderful experience and fun I had while under your care."