Treating Blocked Arteries with Cardiac Catheterization

Geisinger Holy Spirit’s four catheterization labs provide all of the latest technology heart specialists need to diagnose and treat blocked arteries and other cardiovascular problems.

How Catheterization Works

Cardiac catheterization is a test used to explore the coronary arteries, using a fine tube (catheter) that's put into an artery or vein of an arm or leg and maneuvered into the arteries of the heart. It can be used in the diagnosis of heart disease.

New Advances Lead to Greater Precision

Geisinger Holy Spirit has access to a robotic system that allows the physician to robotically control a heart catheter from a workstation located close to the patient. This sophisticated system allows the physician to see images in 3D and gives the physician the ability to place a heart catheter precisely where it needs to be. This system also reduces radiation exposure for both the patient and physician.