Saving Lives Through Blood Donation

How Blood Donation Works

The Blood Donor Center is located in the Holy Spirit Camp Hill Center at 875 Poplar Church Road, Camp Hill. Geisinger Holy Spirit is a member of the Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank.

In addition to accepting volunteer blood donations to keep the area’s blood supply well-stocked, the Blood Donor Center offers two special programs for blood donors: autologous and directed donor programs. A physician must authorize both types of donations.

Autologous donation is when a patient serves as his or her own donor and pre-deposits his or her blood for scheduled surgery needs. Patients can have blood withdrawn and stored for up to three weeks before surgery. Up to three pints may be stored for this anticipated use. The last donation must be made no later than 72 hours before surgery.

Directed donation is when a friend or relative donates blood specifically for a certain patient scheduled for elective surgery (this is not available in emergency situations). The physician and the patient must consent to this program.

We also offer therapeutic phlebotomy when deemed necessary by a physician. A doctor’s order is required for this procedure.

Donor Room Hours

All blood donors must call the Blood Donor Center at 717-975-3250 to schedule an appointment. Get hours and directions.