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Teenline Gives Pennsylvania Teens a Place to Turn

Services that help young people and those who care about them.

At Geisinger Holy Spirit Teenline, we recognize that the teenage years can be challenging for young people. That is why our Teenline program offers mental health services, including a 24-hour hotline, to area schools, youth and families in need of assistance. Delivering quality mental health care provided by highly skilled counselors is our highest priority.  

What is Teenline?

The Teenline program can help a central Pennsylvania teen facing issues at school or home, and help parents trying to cope with their son or daughter. Teenline services can also be useful to individuals and groups who work with children and teenagers, such as teachers and church leaders.

Teenline Services

Teenline services span all phases of teen and family needs, from prevention to intervention and postvention.


Prevention services include:

  • Workshops, presentations and trainings on a variety of mental health topics for parents, schools, community groups and businesses
  • Educational and training materials


Intervention services include:

  • A 24-hour telephone helpline: 717-763-2345 or 800-722-5385
  • On-site mental health assessments provided to contracted schools
  • Psychiatric evaluations provided at Geisinger Holy Spirit Behavioral Health Services at 3 Flowers Drive, Mechanicsburg
  • Referral to outpatient mental health services, including individual, group and family therapy
  • Information and referrals to all necessary medical, mental health, drug and alcohol, and social services providers
  • Co-facilitation of support groups for children and adolescents at risk
  • Crisis Intervention Services Family Information (PDF)
  • Behavioral Health Services (PDF)


Postvention services include:

  • Assistance to area communities, schools and businesses following the death of an individual(s)
  • Grief counseling to individuals, groups and families
  • Student Assistance Program (SAP)
  • Postvention/Grief and Loss Resources 


Postvention is the term used to describe strategies implemented to respond to a death and/or suicide. The postvention plan is designed to assist the school to respond to the grief within its community.

Why Postvention Planning?

When the situation specifically involves a death or suicide, the purpose is:

  • to support those grieving the loss of a classmate, teacher, staff member or colleague,
  • to assist in returning the school to its normal routines,
  • to help identify and assist those at risk for unhealthy behaviors and reactions,
  • to refer and/or assess those who may be at risk for psychiatric disorders, and
  • to help reduce the risk of contagion for those at risk for suicidal behavior.

Basic Objectives of Helpers During a Postvention

  • To establish a positive connection with students and staff members in a non-intrusive, compassionate manner.
  • To enhance immediate and ongoing safety and provide physical and emotional comfort.
  • To calm and orient emotionally overwhelmed or distraught students and staff.
  • To help students and staff members identify their immediate needs and concerns.
  • To offer practical assistance and information to help students and staff members address their immediate needs and concerns.
  • To connect students and staff members as soon as possible to social support networks, including family members, friends, coaches, and other school or community groups.
  • To empower students, staff and families to take an active role in their recovery, by acknowledging their coping efforts and strengths, and supportive adaptive coping.
  • To make clear your availability and (when appropriate) link the student and staff to other relevant school or community resources.

Postvention Related Resources

  • After A Loved One Dies - How Children Grieve and How To Support Them (PDF)
  • After a Suicide - A Toolkit for Schools (PDF)
  • At a Glance - Safe Reporting on Suicide (PDF)
  • Lifeline Online Postvention Manual (PDF)
  • Memorials After a Suicide - Guidelines for Schools and Families (PDF)
  • Postvention Standards Manual - STAR Center (PDF)
  • Practical Suggestions for Assisting Children in the Aftermath of a Tragedy (PDF)
  • Supporting Our Students After the Death of A Family Member or Friend (PDF)
  • Teacher Guidelines for Crisis Response (PDF)
  • Traumatic Stress - An Overview (PDF)

How Does Teenline Work with Schools and Communities?

Teenline counselors work as mental health liaisons to the schools’ Student Assistance Program (SAP) teams. SAP teams consist of school personnel who are trained to identify and refer students who are experiencing barriers to learning and school success and may be at risk for mental health and/or drug and alcohol concerns. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognizes Teenline as an approved provider of Student Assistance Program (SAP) training to schools. In addition, Teenline provides child and adolescent mental health education and awareness workshops, trainings and presentations for school personnel, families and community organizations.