Extended Care Medicine

Providing coordinated care after your hospital stay

Our Extended Care Team

Our Extended Care team can provide care and coordinate your treatment in certain rehabilitation and long-term care facilities following your hospital stay at Geisinger Holy Spirit. Jennifer Weber, DO, and Cynthia Lewis, CRNP, are experienced in treating serious and ongoing medical conditions. Dr. Weber is a board certified physician with many years of experience in the management of long-term care patients. Cynthia is a certified adult nurse practitioner who has dedicated her career to caring for geriatric patients. She works collaboratively with Dr. Weber. They work closely with the facility’s nursing, dietary, social service, pastoral care, rehabilitation therapy and specialty services staff to take care of you physically, as well as emotionally and socially.

Admission to Extended Care Medicine program

While you are in the hospital, the case management staff who helps you plan your care after you leave the hospital will give you a choice of care facilities. When you choose a facility served by Holy Spirit Extended Care Medicine, our team will ensure you have a smooth transition of care from the hospital to that facility.

Continuation of care

A member of our Extended Care Medicine Team will see you regularly while you are in the rehabilitation or long-term care facility. We will oversee your healthcare and address any changes quickly. Members of our team are at each facility we serve Monday through Friday. We also are on call after hours and on weekends.

Staying at a long-term care facility

If you need to continue to have long-term care in a nursing facility after your rehabilitation, we will continue to provide your medical care.

Going home

When your rehabilitation is complete, we will help make your transition to home as smooth as possible. We will send a complete summary of your care and treatment to your doctor so he or she has the information needed to provide you with any follow-up care. We will make sure you have enough medication to last until you see your doctor. Our team members can even make your doctor’s appointment for you.

To learn more, call 717-972-4448.