Direct Admission Fast Facts

For Referring Physician Offices

One Call Direct Admission Process: 717-443-6301 or 570-214-9104

One convenient phone call will connect you to a team of experienced nurses at the Geisinger Placement Service (GPS) office. They will arrange all the details to ensure rapid transfer of your patient from office to hospital by:

  • Coordinating a phone conversation between the referring and accepting physician.
  • Assigning the appropriate hospital bed.
  • Providing preliminary level of care status (inpatient vs. observation). 

Process steps

Physician Responsibility

  • Referring physician evaluates the patient on day of admission to determine medical appropriateness (hemodynamic stability, safe transport availability without need for EMS services, no potential time sensitive diagnosis such as STEMI/NSTEMI/TIA/CVA/Sepsis).
  • Call GPS and request direct admission to Geisinger Holy Spirit.
  • Discuss clinical issues with accepting physician.
  • Update patient/family regarding transition of care plan.

Physician Office Staff Responsibility

  • Contact patient’s insurance carrier’s member services to confirm participating status with Geisinger Holy Spirit and potential out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Provide demographic/insurance information to GPS.
  • Send pertinent patient medical record (vitals, problem list, medication list, lab/diagnostic results, narcotic agreement, POLST/Code status, POA/Health Care Proxy contact) with patient in a sealed envelope.
  • Review Patient Information Direct Admission Fast Fact sheet with patient/family.

Patient /Family Responsibility

  • Arrive at Geisinger Holy Spirit Information Desk in the main lobby between 7 a.m.–7 p.m., Monday–Friday.
  • Let Information Desk staff know they are a “direct admission patient.”
  • Wait for transportation staff to be escorted to hospital room