Breast Care

At Geisinger Breast Care Center, we treat the full spectrum of diseases and conditions affecting the breasts, including breast cancer.

Convenient Locations

Both Geisinger Breast Care Center–Mechanicsburg and Geisinger Breast Care Center–Carlisle are easy to reach, with plenty of free parking just outside their main entrances. To schedule an appointment, please call 717-737-4718.

Expert Care for Breast Cancer and Breast Disease

The experienced breast care team at Geisinger Breast Care Center offers a wide range of breast care, from risk assessment to screening and diagnosis, to treatment and follow-up. Our staff provides personalized care and support for every patient.

Angela Soto Hamlin, M.D., FACS, leads the expert team at Geisinger Breast Care Center. Dr. Soto Hamlin is a renowned breast surgeon in the region, a women’s health advocate, a patient educator and a breast cancer researcher.

Kelli Scurfield, PA-C and Kim Shughart, RN, work with Dr. Soto Hamlin to provide care before, during and after treatment. Our team of physical and occupational therapists help patients through recovery. That team includes Sally Currie, OT; Jen Chaplin, PT; and Kim Lenker, PT.

Specialized Services to Meet Your Needs

Breast Care Risk Assessment

  • State-of-the-art risk assessment and management program
  • Genetic testing

Breast Diagnosis

  • Minimally invasive, image-guided biopsies
  • Surgical biopsies

Surgical Treatment for Breast Disease and Cancer

  • Breast-conserving procedures, mastectomy, and sentinel lymph node procedures
  • Breast reconstructive surgery

Other Treatment Options

  • We work closely with oncologists to provide comprehensive treatment of breast cancer.
  • Oncotype DX® may be used when appropriate.
  • 3D Tomosynthesis, the most advanced tool for breast cancer detection, is available at Holy Spirit Camp Hill Center

Physical/Occupational Therapy

  • Range of motion therapy
  • Myofascial release
  • Lymphedema therapy

Treatment for Benign Breast Diseases

  • Comprehensive evaluation and treatment of non-cancerous breast conditions