Research / Evidence-Based Practice

Unparalleled Care Backed by Science

Evidence-based practice means nurses make patient care decisions based on scientific knowledge and research findings. Evidence-based practice provides patients and families with up-to-date, optimal nursing interventions.

Nurses at Holy Spirit are known for using scientific evidence in nursing practice. Our clinical documentation system integrates proven, evidence-based content into daily clinical processes and supports patient care delivery. Through our Shared Governance Councils our nurses not only keep current on recent developments in healthcare, they implement practice standards based on evidence while also generating new evidence. Our nurses read, participate in and lead research projects.

Robust resources are provided to support research and evidence-based practice. Our Library maintains many current online references and our expert librarian is available to provide training or assistance to our staff as needed. In addition, we have research consultants from both LaSalle University and Messiah College working closely with us in our nursing research. We also partner with Messiah College for joint projects with their students and Holy Spirit Hospital nursing staff. They share what they discover at nursing conferences across the nation.