Nursing Philosophy

Nursing at Holy Spirit Hospital is driven by and supportive of the Mission, Vision, and Values of Holy Spirit Health System. We believe the provision of highly skilled, competent, and compassionate nursing care is essential to fulfill Holy Spirit Health System’s commitment to excellence in clinical practice, education, and nursing research.

The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses, American Nurses Association Social Policy Statement, the Catholic Religious and Ethical Directives, Relationship-Based Care and the Nurse Practice Act of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provide the cornerstone of our nursing practice and patient care.

Professional nursing is both an art and a science based upon a combination of knowledge, skills, expertise, and the provision of care. The discipline of nursing provides a unique contribution in disease and injury prevention, health promotion, maintenance and restoration and support of patients and their families throughout their life span.

Our framework for providing nursing care is relationship-based. Relationship-based care is provided through three key relationships for every nurse at the point of care: with patient and family, with self, and with colleagues.

Our view of life as a precious gift guides our approach to nursing, incorporating our professional values of respect, dignity, wholism, service, stewardship, quality and integrity, as well as creativity and commitment to excellence.

Effective nursing practice, education, research, and leadership are grounded in the complexity of human relationships. As critical thinkers, nurses systematically assess situations, define problems, identify goals, plan, implement and evaluate the care provided by self and others in order to achieve successful outcomes.