Nursing At Holy Spirit

What’s Great about Nursing at Holy Spirit?

I have been a nurse for 16 years and worked in many areas ranging from the West coast to the East coast. I first came to Holy Spirit as a traveling nurse. My family, I, and my step-daughter, a newly graduated Registered Nurse who had plans of working at a larger more technologically known hospital, ended up moving over a 100 miles to come and work here. Holy Spirit Health System is not the proverbial place known to "eat their young." Instead it is like a family, a place for me and my step-daughter both to grow.

I have worked in the caring and compassionate environment of Holy Spirit Hospital for 35 years. I truly love my job as a nurse where every day is uniquely rewarding and also challenging. I am proud to work in an organization where patient safety and patient satisfaction are priorities. I have recently been involved in the Relationship Based Care initiative – which promotes a healthy relationship with the patient and family, a commitment to our co-workers, and the importance of taking care of ourselves as individuals. Knowledge Based Charting, including medication administration, allows us to pair current technology with nursing expertise. Administration treats every staff member with respect and also encourages the individual to have a voice through staff meetings and participation in Professional Practice activities. 

Lois C., RN-C

I have been at Holy Spirit Hospital for 9 years. My career began as a nursing assistant while attending nursing school. While working here I have been given the opportunity to work on several different units including telemetry, medical-surgical/vascular, and a cardiovascular unit. Currently I am working on a surgical floor where teamwork and support is vital to patient health and satisfaction. Holy Spirit Hospital has helped me fulfill my nursing career goals by helping me grow as a person and encouraging me to further my education by being involved in hospital and unit councils. Because education is a key component at Holy Spirit, it gives us the knowledge that is necessary to provide only the best patient care.
Andrea K., RN, BSN

Being part of the Holy Spirit Health System over the past 15 years has meant working side by side with the finest health care professionals I have ever been privileged to know. And that covers a span of four decades working in six different states! It means being inspired every single day to reach a little higher and walk that one extra mile. It means being valued as a bedside nurse with the career ladder, being involved in nursing research and evidence based practice, experiencing professional development as part of the daily landscape, and feeling pride in the knowledge that I am part of a very special community whose purpose is to make life better for so many people. 

Molly M. RN, BSN, CAPA