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New Endoscopy Center Opens in Camp Hill

Posted: 4 May 2011

For people over age 50, colonoscopy may be a scary word. Even those who know they should get this preventive screening that detects colon and rectal cancer often don't follow through. Many people say the preparation is unpleasant or the procedure makes them nervous. Some fail to be screened because they have no health insurance coverage or simply can't find time for the appointment. And some patients don't know the screening is necessary. "Colonoscopy is currently the most accurate and most complete method for examining the colon," explains Chinh Pham, MD, FACS, with Kunkel Surgical Group, a service of Holy Spirit Health System. "It allows doctors to biopsy and remove polyps. Left in place, polyps can develop into cancer."

Cancer of the colon and rectum is the second most common cancer in the U.S. In a 2008 survey, the Centers for Disease Control found that only 53 percent of adults over 50 had been screened for colorectal cancer. "When detected early, cure and survival rates are excellent," says Dr. Pham, "with 70 to 90 percent of patients expected to survive at least five years. The survival rate plummets to roughly 40 percent in advanced stages."

The new Holy Spirit Endoscopy Center offers a convenient location for colonoscopy and other procedures that help doctors diagnose and treat problems of the gastrointestinal system. An all-digital, high definition imaging system provides doctors with sharper, detailed images.

A community open house will be held at the Holy Spirit Endoscopy Center on Monday, May 23, from 3 to 6 p.m. Meet the staff and tour the center. Light refreshments will be served. The Holy Spirit Endoscopy Center is located on the second floor of the Holy Spirit Camp Hill Center, 875 Poplar Church Road, Camp Hill.

If you have questions about screening colonoscopy, please call the Kunkel Surgical Group at 761-7244. You can reach the Holy Spirit Endoscopy Center at 975-3270.