Hospitalist Program

Faster Recoveries, Fewer Complications

The doctor is always in at Holy Spirit Hospital, thanks to our state-of-the-industry Hospitalist Program.

Hospitalists are physicians who oversee your care from the moment you arrive in the hospital until you are discharged to your primary care physician. Hospitalist programs in hospitals across the nation are delivering improved quality of care, enhanced patient satisfaction scores, and decreased lengths of stay.

Because they are available around the clock, hospitalists can visit with patients and their families several times a day, collaborate closely with the nursing staff and ancillary departments, and give problems the quick attention they require.

Benefits to our patients include:

· continuous provider access

· immediate response by a hospitalist to sudden changes in patient condition

· expedited access, via the hospitalist, to diagnostic and therapeutic intervention and specialty services

· an increased likelihood of leaving the hospital earlier and with fewer complications.

Hospitalists also do a great job of communicating with your primary care physician, providing both written updates throughout your stay and a full summary when you are discharged.

Benefits to referring physician practices include:

· high quality, high value care for their hospitalized patients

· a “partnership” with qualified, reliable hospitalists

· electronic communication ensures seamless transition of care to and from the hospital environment

· freedom from the continuous obligations of hospital care

· ability to be more productive at the office level.

Neurology services are also offered through the Hospitalist Program at Holy Spirit. A full-time board-certified neurologist is available to provide inpatient care seven days a week.

For more information, call the Hospitalist office at 717-972-4448.