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December 17, 2012

Holy Spirit Hospital now performs TransOral Robotic Surgery

James P. Malone, MD, board-certified otolaryngologist with Associated Otolaryngologists of Pennsylvania, has begun performing TransOral Robotic Surgery at Holy Spirit Hospital. Last week, this minimally invasive robot-assisted surgery was used to successfully remove a cancerous tumor on the base of a patient’s tongue. Holy Spirit Hospital is one of the first hospitals in the greater Harrisburg region to offer this type of surgery.

“TransOral Robotic Surgery, or TORS, provides surgeons with a minimal access approach through the patient’s mouth. It provides unparalleled visualization for removal of tumors in the difficult to reach areas of the tonsil, base of the tongue and the voice box,” says Dr. Malone. “Traditional surgical approaches to these anatomical areas often require an opening into the throat through an incision in the neck or by splitting the jaw bone for access to the tumor. In addition to achieving excellent cancer control, the patient benefits from TORS are tremendous: shorter surgery, faster recovery, and preservation of swallowing function.”

Minimally invasive robotic surgery offers fewer complications, less pain, faster recovery and a better outcome for the patient. The da Vinci® Si Surgical Systems at Holy Spirit Hospital are also being used by physicians for heart, general, gynecological and urological surgeries. Dr. Malone and his colleagues will be able to use the da Vinci® Si Surgical System for otolaryngologic surgical procedures of the mouth, voice box, tonsils, base of tongue and other parts of the throat.

While using the daVinci Si, the surgeon can manipulate the tissues better, providing for a more precise surgery. The system also affords the surgeon with enhanced visualization of the surgical area. For example, the physician will be able to see in three dimensions and can zoom in for a closer look. In addition, the daVinci Si system’s range of motion is far superior to human hands or laparoscopy procedures and is easier for staff and physicians to use.

“We will continue to invest in technologies that will assist our physicians and will benefit the patients we serve,” says Joseph Torchia, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Holy Spirit Hospital.