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December 17, 2012

Holy Spirit Hospital first area hospital to use innovative disinfection system

Holy Spirit is the first hospital in the area, and the second in the state of Pennsylvania, to use Xenex Healthcare Services' room disinfection system. Xenex's three-foot high portable device uses a xenon lamp to create an intense pulsating ultraviolet (UV) light that kills or prevents the replication of bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi, mycobacteria, C. diff spores, MRSA, VRE, pseudomonas, norovirus, and hundreds of other microorganisms which can cause healthcare associated infections (HAIs). This chemical-free disinfection system enhances traditional room cleaning. Studies have shown significant reductions of these superbugs with the use of this equipment.

“Our goal is zero infections. If we can prevent just one infection using these units, it more than pays for them,” says Joseph Torchia, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Holy Spirit Health System. “We are always focused on ways to enhance our processes and patient care. We will continue to focus on evidence-based protocols of care – proven ways of preventing infection – to further reduce our already low rate of hospital-acquired infections.”

The Xenex device will be used by the hospital's Environmental Services staff following traditional cleaning in patient rooms and in the operating rooms. The UVC light cannot penetrate through glass, plastic, clothing or the top layer of skin. While very safe, this technology will be used in unoccupied areas. Requiring just 5 to10 minutes per room, the Xenex system is capable of disinfecting dozens of rooms each day. Holy Spirit Hospital has two units.

For more information about the Xenex robot, visit or email customer service at