Healthcare Team

Working Together to Make You Well

At Holy Spirit Hospital, your team is committed to making you well in the best way possible. 

From the outstanding physicians in our Hospitalist Program to our extraordinarily competent and compassionate team of nurses, you can count on timely, attentive care.

Hospitalists are physicians who oversee your care from the moment you arrive in the hospital until you are discharged to your primary care physician. Because they are available around the clock, hospitalists can visit with patients and their families several times a day, collaborate closely with the nursing staff and ancillary departments, and give problems the quick attention they require. 

Our hospitalists also do a great job of communicating with your primary care physician, providing written updates throughout your stay and a full summary upon discharge.

Other Team Members

You will also receive care from a talented team of nursing personnel. Each team works with an assigned number of patients and includes an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), a Registered Nurse and a Patient Care Assistant, as well as a Unit Secretary.

While your team is directly responsible for providing you with personalized care as ordered by your attending physician, the administrative management of each nursing unit is directed by the nurse manager. The nurse manager has overall round-the-clock responsibility for all aspects of patient care provided on the nursing unit.