Birth and Parenting Classes

Preparation for your baby’s arrival begins long before the day of his or her birth. Our expert instructors teach a wide range of classes for parents-to-be, current parents and family members.

Save 25% when you request the Combination Package.

Cost of the Combination Package is $90 per couple (a $120 value). The package includes the following classes:

  • Childbirth Preparation (your choice of interactive or online)
  • Baby Boot Camp
  • Breastfeeding Class

Perfect for first-time parents!

To register for individual classes or the Combination Package, download the registration form and mail it in with your payment.

A confirmation letter will be sent to you for all classes described below except the “Bear Essentials” class. If you are registering ONLY for the “Bear Essentials” class, you can email your registration to

**Free Group Offerings**

Beginning in 2017, we will offer a free Postpartum Pumping class, which will be held once a month from 6 to 7:30 p.m., and a free Breastfeeding Support Group, which will be held once a month from 10 a.m. to noon. All classes will be held in the hospital auditorium. You MUST register in advance for these group sessions. Please register by calling 717-763-BABY.

Postpartum Pumping Breastfeeding Support Group
January 9 January 11
February 20 February 8
March 13 March 15
April 10 April 6
May 8 May 10
June 12 June 6
July 10 July 12
August 14 August 16
September 11 September 13
October 16 October 18
November 13 November 8
December 11 December 11

Bear Essentials Class — Birthplace Preadmission

In this free, one-hour class, you’ll learn everything you need to know about delivering your baby at Geisinger Holy Spirit. Qualified educators will instruct you on:

Birth & Parenting Classes 1
  • Pre-admission paperwork
  • What to pack
  • How to tell when you are really in labor
  • When to come to the hospital after labor starts
  • How to come to the hospital during labor
  • How to correctly install your new baby’s car seat

At the class, you will receive a valuable packet of information for use in the hospital. This class is for adults only.

Geisinger Holy Spirit Auditorium (6 p.m. or 7:30 p.m.).

January 12, 2017
February 9, 2017
March 9, 2017  
April 6, 2017
May 18, 2017
June 22, 2017
July 13, 2017
Aug. 10, 2017
Sept. 14, 2017
Oct. 19, 2017
Nov. 9, 2017
Dec. 14, 2017

Baby Boot Camp

Join expert educators for this exciting and interactive two-evening class designed for expectant parents and parents of children up to one-year old. This class will provide you with up-to-date information on issues specific to parenting your child from birth to 12 months. Grandparents are also welcome to attend. Topics include:

  • Techniques for comforting and soothing your baby
  • Preparing for emergencies
  • The “how-tos” of bathing and dressing your baby
  • Age-appropriate play and discipline
  • How to understand your baby’s sleep patterns
  • Providing a safe and secure world for baby...
  • And much, much more

The cost is $35. (Fee is reduced if you enroll in the Combination Package.) Class availability is based on enrollment. In 2016, Tuesday series are 6 to 8 p.m. and Wednesday series are 7 to 9 p.m. Beginning in 2017, all classes will be 6 to 8 p.m.:

2017 Dates

Tuesdays Wednesdays
Aug 9, 16, 2016 Aug 10, 17, 2016   
Oct 11, 18, 2016 Oct 12, 19, 2016  
Nov 28, Dec 5, 2016 (Mondays) Nov 30, Dec 7, 2016   
Feb 6, 13, 2017 (Mondays) Feb 8, 15, 2017 (Tuesdays)
April 11, 18, 2017 April 12, 19, 2017
June 13, 20, 2017 June 14, 21, 2017   
Birth & Parenting Classes 2

Childbirth Preparation Course - Interactive or Online

Whether you prefer face-to-face instruction from a professional nurse educator or an online learning experience, we have a course that is right for you! Both the interactive and online courses should be taken during the last four months of pregnancy. The fee is $70 per couple, and you can choose the course option that is best for you.

Childbirth Preparation Course — Interactive Option

Taught by experienced educators, this eight-hour course will prepare you and your partner for the last months of pregnancy, as well as labor and delivery. The fun, interactive class sessions cover labor and birth, coping strategies, medication options, comfort measures and the postpartum period. A tour of the Birthplace at Geisinger Holy Spirit is also included.

To accommodate your schedule, we offer both evening and weekend classes. Weekend classes meet Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Tuesday and Wednesday series meet 6 to 8 p.m. All classes are held in the hospital auditorium. Please choose a Tuesday series, a Wednesday series or a weekend series.

2017 Dates

Tuesday Wednesday Weekends
January 3, 10, 17, 24 January 4, 11, 18, 25 January 21
  March 8, 15, 22, 29 March 4
  May 10, 17, 24, 31 May 13
    June 17
  July 5, 12, 19, 26 July 15
  September 6, 13, 20, 27 September 16
October 24, 31/November 7, 14 October 25/November 1, 8, 15  
    December 2

Childbirth Preparation Course — Online Option

The online childbirth preparation course is a great alternative for those who cannot attend an in-person class due to scheduling conflicts or bedrest. This class includes animated illustrations, videos, voice-overs and games. Appropriate for couples delivering at the Birthplace or elsewhere. Cost is $70/couple. Once you enroll, you’ll be mailed a confirmation letter with an access code that is valid for 30 days after initial log-on.

To view the online program, you will need:
  • A PC, Mac or mobile device
  • The most recent versions of Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader. (These free downloads are included with the online program. Download links are located at the bottom of the front page of the online book.)
  • A fast internet connection (DSL, cable or other broadband is advised; dial-up will work but will take longer to download.)
  • A computer with sound and speakers or headphones to hear the audio
  • Every “0” assigned to the codes is considered numeric

Childbirth Education eLearning Tool:

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Online Course Login — Your login code is located on the confirmation email that was sent to you. If you have forgotten your code, please call 763-BABY or send an email to:

Breastfeeding Class

Whether you choose to breastfeed for many months or just a few weeks, this one-night class can make the process go more smoothly. The breastfeeding class can also be helpful if you are unsure about whether to breastfeed or bottle feed. Fathers are encouraged to attend and are actively included in the class. Topics include: preparation for breastfeeding, infant feeding cues, proper breastfeeding techniques and problem solving. The fee is $15 and this class is included in the combination package for a reduced fee. Classes are held in the hospital auditorium from 6 to 8 p.m.:

2017 Dates

Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays
Jan 30, 2017 Jan 31, 2017 Feb 1, 2017
April 3, 2017 April 4, 2017 April 5, 2017
June 5, 2017   June 7, 2017
July 31, 2017    
  Aug 1, 2017 Aug 2, 2017
Oct 2, 2017 Oct 3, 2017  Oct 4, 2017
Nov 20, 2017 Nov 21, 2017  

Big Brother, Big Sister Night

Designed for expectant brothers and sisters between 3 and 10 years of age, this class familiarizes children with newborns and the hospital environment. The class includes a tour of the Birthplace and big brother or big sister “practice.” Parents receive tips on how to make the new baby’s arrival a positive experience for their children. The fee is $15 per family and classes are held in the hospital auditorium from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on the following dates:

2017 Dates

January 26, 2017
February 23, 2017   
March 23, 2017
April 27, 2017
May 25, 2017
July 20, 2017
Aug 24, 2017
Sept 28, 2017
Oct 26, 2017
Dec 14, 2017

CPR for Family and Friends

In this one-evening course, you will learn how to perform CPR and relieve choking for infants and children up to 8 years of age. You will also learn about injury prevention, the leading cause of death, for infants and children. You will have adequate time to practice these skills and be coached by a trained CPR instructor. Please note that this is not a “certification” course as there is no examination. The fee is $15 per person, and you can register by calling 717-972-4262. Class is held in the hospital auditorium from 7 to 9:30 p.m.

Additional Registration Information

Registration is required for all classes. To register for individual classes or the Combination Package, download the form and mail it in with your payment.

A confirmation letter will be sent to you for all classes listed above except for the "Bear Essentials" class. If you are registering ONLY for the “Bear Essentials” class, you can email your registration to