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Holy Spirit Atrial Fibrillation Center

The Holy Spirit Atrial Fibrillation Center serves the needs of patients dealing with heart rhythm abnormalities, including atrial fibrillation, which affects more than three million people in the United States.

Signs of A-Fib include: palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue, anxiety, chest discomfort, light-headedness or exercise intolerance. Left untreated, A-Fib can lead to heart failure, higher risk of stroke and disabling symptoms.

Highlights of Geisinger Holy Spirit’s Atrial Fibrillation Center

  • Top-quality patient care based on objective outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction
  • Innovative treatments, such as catheter ablation, including cryoablation and robotic ablation procedures
  • Extensive education for patients and families
  • Ongoing feedback with a patient’s primary care physician about treatment, progress and details of post-treatment care
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Expert Care, Focused on You

The doctors who lead The Holy Spirit Atrial Fibrillation Center are board-certified cardiologists, with advanced training in cardiac electrophysiology (heart rhythm disorders). Our physician assistants are trained in complex arrhythmia management. Our clinical expertise is the most advanced in the area and we are proud to provide quality care and personal attention to every patient.

Getting Your Heart Back on Track

At the Holy Spirit Atrial Fibrillation Center, we develop a personalized plan of care based on each patient’s specific situation. The clinical team caring for you determines your best treatment option.

Medications that regulate heart rhythm or control heart rate help many patients. Innovative catheter ablation techniques are another option. The Holy Spirit Atrial Fibrillation Center offers the most advanced ablation procedures, including cryoablation and robot-assisted ablation. We also emphasize patient education and encourage active involvement from family to help improve treatment.

Treatment strategies may change over time because of changes in how you feel, your response to medications or other treatments, or personal preferences. Throughout treatment, we provide regular updates to your primary care or referring doctor.

Convenient Locations

Holy Spirit Cardiology
Camp Hill: 875 Poplar Church Road, Suite 400
Carlisle: 1211 Forge Road
Harrisburg: 20 Capital Drive

The Ortenzio Heart Center at Holy Spirit
Camp Hill: 503 North 21st Street

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 717-724-6450.

Educational Resources

Heart rhythm abnormalities can be a cause of stress and anxiety for patients and their loved ones.  Education can help increase understanding of the problem, the risk factors involved and treatment options.

Geisinger Holy Spirit offers the Atrial Fibrillation Support Group to educate and provide recourses to those living with this very common heart condition. Join us to learn about the pathopysiology of A-Fib, as well as the causes, risks, and treatment options. Meetings are held every few months, so check back often for the latest meeting dates and topics.  

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