About the Program and the LAP-BAND Procedure

LAP-BAND is a revolutionary yet simple and minimally invasive solution for healthy weight loss. It is safe and FDA approved for qualified patients who wage a daily battle against obesity. Along with the gastric banding procedure, our comprehensive LAP-BAND program is designed to support positive long-term dietary and lifestyle changes.

Do you qualify?

Patients must meet certain criteria to be considered for our program including having a BMI of at least 40 (or at least 35 in conjunction with one or more serious health conditions related to excess weight, such as type 2 diabetes) or being at least 100 pounds overweight. For a full list of qualifying factors, click here.

Additionally, to qualify, you also need to participate in our complete program, beginning with an information session. Learn more about the information sessions.

What to expect from this program

As mentioned above, an information session lasting about 90 minutes is initially required. Patients are also required to participate in a supervised diet and exercise plan.

Counseling and assessment are also part of the program, including nutritional consultation, physical assessment for mobility and psychiatric evaluation. Patients will also participate in sleep study and labs. UGI, EGD, and colonoscopy are performed if needed.

As long-term results of the procedure, patients feel satisfied sooner, stay full longer and eat less. Patients do, however, need to be prepared to make permanent changes to their lifestyle and eating habits to maintain their results.

The procedure

LAP-BAND uses laparoscopic surgery (very small incisions for shorter recovery) to place a band around the upper part of the stomach, like a belt. Your LAP-BAND is tailored to your individual anatomy. Our surgeons can adjust your fit with precision via an access port just below the skin. They use a saline solution to inflate or deflate the tubing, arriving at the ideal stomach capacity to modify your food consumption.

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Post-procedure and follow-up

After the procedure, patients will receive the best in standard post-surgical follow-up care. For optimum and permanent results, patients are encouraged to follow the diet and exercise plan established during the program.

The LAP-BAND may be adjusted via the port to change the stomach's capacity and the amount of food that can be eaten at one time.

Kunkel Surgical Group also offers support groups so you can benefit from sharing the experiences of others who have committed to lasting changes.

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Are You a Candidate?

The LAP-BAND program is suitable for individuals who meet certain criteria based on BMI or other factors. Learn more.

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